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Animal Crossing- New Leaf- Town Info & FAQ

So yeah, I'm addicted to Animal Crossing <3 Day 1 purchase! I just wanted to make a post I could edit with updates on general info on my town. I don't get to play as much as I'd like so I'm not super far along. I'm also trying to take it easy and just let the game unfold rather than trying to rush.

Short URL: bit.ly/ackitsune

Name: Kitsune
Town: Kyukon (Japanese name for the Pokemon Ninetales)
Dream Address: 5600-2185-8780
Date started: 6/9/13
Time zone: EST

Friend Code: 0903 2966 6262
3DS Mii Name: ImagnryFox

Gate: I open randomly as I have time, more likely at night- I don't generally get around to playing till 9pm or later unless I'm not working that day. I usually post on FB when I do open up. FB is also the best way to contact me if I am AFK in game. https://www.facebook.com/kitsunerei

House Status: Still a mess though starting to think about what I want to do with each room. Still need to expand a lot!

Town Status: still working on refining my town, but its getting better. I'm having trouble deciding where to build stuff.
My flowers are all grouped along the right side by type. I don't have them very organized yet though.

Native Fruit: Apples, Lemons, Bananas
Available Fruit: I have all the fruits. The trees to your right of the train station are for guests- feel free to take some fruit from there if you need it! I tried to grow a mixture there. Also coconuts and bananas are always up for grabs if you see them on the beach. The south parts of the beach are coconuts, and the long west part is bananas.

Stores: Nook's Homes (basic), Nooklings (expanded twice), Garden Store (basic), Able Sisters, Kicks, Museum Shop, Shampoodle
Other Places: Club LOL, Dream Suite

Town Ordinance: Night Owl (stuff open late)

Public Works: Bridge 1, Fountain, Camp Site, Park Clock, Standee, Bridge 2, Windmill (under construction)

You can try to woo anyone but my favorites ;)
Nibbles (green squirrel) LIKE
Pekoe (white bear)
Yuka (grey koala)
Monty (white monkey) (says he's moving out soon)
Phoebe (phoenix) FAVORITE
Derwin (green duck) FAVORITE
Amelia (vulture)
Renee (pink rhino)
Ricky (yellow squirrel)
some brown koala DISLIKE

Departed Residents:
Keaton (blue parrot)
Mac (brown dog)

Visiting Guidelines: My general visit rules are pretty open- just normal etiquette- don't wreck the place, don't dig up my special stumps, don't steal my flowers, etc :) I've usually already browsed the shops so you can buy whatever, particularly in Re-Tail. If you find a fossil or crystal I missed, I'd appreciate if you put it in my plaza or mail it to me. You can keep pitfall seeds.
The area of fruit trees to your right as you exit the train station is for guests!
There is a trash can in my house if you want to use it.

I'm not going to be time traveling unless I miss a major event- I'd just like to play the game how its supposed to unfold. (Although a couple days when I was playing early on I had to set it back a little just so I don't miss stores closing.) I have my clock set about 10min earlier than real time.
Apparently you have to be careful about time traveling if you have turnips, they will vanish if you do.


What am I looking for? What do I need?
If you want to help out, you can donate to my public works project. No obligation though!
I also suck about getting around to watering flowers, so you can do that if you are so inclined.

Seeking: bamboo, cute headwear, shirts/pants that go with the animal hats
Tools wanted: silver watering can
I'm also looking for any fox-related items (are there any?).
I don't know what all there is in the game yet since I don't want to cheat and look it up until I'm farther along. I'm going to just give it more time to see what I get before I start collecting more, plus I need to work on making my house bigger!

Fossil Extras: Apato Skull, Megacero Skull, Tricera Skull, T. rex Skull, Iguanodon Skull x2, Diplo Skull, Spino Skull x2, Patchy Skull x2, Ptera Skull, Styraco Skull, Sabretooth Skull, Tricera Torso, Archelon Torso x2, Icthyo Torso, Iguanodon Torso, Raptor Torso x2, Parasaur Torso, Styraco Torso, Dimetrodon Torso, Diplo Hip, Styraco Tail, Parasaur Tail x2, Ptera Right Wing x2, Archaeoptryx

Fossils Needed: T. rex Torso, Parasaurus Skull, Pachysaurus Skull, Stegosaurus Torso, Stegosaurus Tail, Spinosaurus Torso, Spinosaurus Tail, Dimetrodon Skull, Dimetrodon Tail, Ankylosaurus Skull, Ankylosaurus Torso, Mammoth Skull, Megacerops Tail, Plesiosaur Skull, Plesiosaur Tail

Fortune Cookie Extras: Peach's parasol, Pipe, Hero's shirt, Mushroom Mural, Midna's Mask

Fortune Cookies Wanted: Super Mario Floor, Pikmin (in the planter), Valaria boots

Stationary Wanted: Airmail Paper, Card Paper, Cool Paper, Goldfish Paper, Night-Sky Paper, Ocean Paper, Sparkly Paper, Star Paper, Vine Paper, Imperial Paper (and there are others I still don't have too)


General Tips for New Players:
If you don't want your eyes left up to fate, consult an eye/face guide to answer the opening questions Rover asks correctly. You cannot change your eye style, though you can change hair style/color and eye color later on.

When you first start, you will be given a selection of 4 possible town maps. This IS randomized, so if you don't like any of them, you can restart to get others. I wouldn't sweat getting a perfect town too much, but there is a lot of variety. You will get to build 2 more bridges and other features later so don't worry too much about the river. Just pick something scenic! For convenience you may want Re-Tail easily accessible from your Dock if you plan on doing Island runs for stuff to sell.

Use the D-pad to switch out your tools, using Left and Right. Up will look up, and Down will put your tool away.

You can get up to 9 residents, who move in each day for a little while when you first start. Once you get a camp site, you can potentially get a 10th resident, which is the max.

L+R bumpers is screenshot (top screen only). If you do not have a SD card reader, I believe you can get them to upload to Facebook through the web browser. I havn't done it myself, but my friend did. I got a cheap SD card reader that has a USB connection off Amazon.

If you hold down L or R, the text will go much faster!

Remember to connect to the internet and check for presents at the post office! There is already a rainbow screen up, and it will change halfway through each month.
Also Best Buy is running a promotion for an item if you go in their store and use the Nintendo Zone. This will be switching over time to other items. You go within range of their signal and go to the post office to check for presents. There is also a cheat that involves naming your connection "bestbuy" to not have to actually go there.

The locker in the train station connects to your personal inventory, even when you're in another town! This blew my mind O.O

Never sell stuff to Nook's. Sell at Re-Tail instead. For some reason Nooks takes a cut so you get less. Re-Tail has better hours anyway.

Your actual 3DS friend list is used for Animal Crossing, so you don't have to do anything else to be able to play with your friends!
Mark anyone who you're good friends with as a "best friend" when they visit your town! Then you'll be able to chat anytime when you're both online, and you have the choice of opening your town to all friends or just best friends.

Your native fruit has a chance to make a delicious/perfect fruit (they look a little different). You can replant them for a perfect tree, which will produce several harvests before dying. You cannot grow a non-native perfect fruit tree, and tropical fruit do not make perfect fruit. The perfect fruit sell for more than usual in your own town, or a lot of money in another town. I recommend saving them and selling them elsewhere where they are foreign fruit.

Tropical fruit (the fruit from the island- mangos, lychee, durains, lemons, persimmon, coconuts, bananas) always sell for 250 bells, regardless of if its "native" or not. So the best money is still in foreign basic fruit (oranges, apples, cherries, pears, peaches) which sell for 500. Your native fruit is only worth 100. Bamboo is 750 but not available until later on.
Also, you have to sell your native fruit to a town that considers it foreign- if you go to another town where their native fruit is the same as yours, it won't count as foreign.

Talk to the main Mable to access your pattern storage space! You are not limited to the space in your regular inventory! This also blew my mind! I didn't know about this at first.
Remember to also talk to the shy Sable every day. Give her some time.

The island is brand new and a lot of fun, if you are doing your Mayor stuff you should see Tortimer around day 4 and the next day the Kappa with the boat will be at your dock :) Isabelle will let you know. The beetles from there tend to sell for good money, its the easiest place to find beetles in the evening and they respawn pretty quickly (remember to hold down your net button to creep up on them). You will also find your tropical fruit there. And of course the main thing is doing the minigame tours to get medals and special stuff from the gift shop! They do not accept Bells there.
Talk to the gyroid to get your tools! You can even keep stuff in the minigame tours (except for the goal item), so this is another way to get more stuff! Grab those rare flowers and bugs etc, as well as other fruit types! Remember to put everything you want to take back in the box next to the counter or it will be auto sold (I think for a really crappy rate). This also seems to be the place to buy your diving suit (40 medals)! The Club Tortimer membership will let you play the minigame tours globally (50 medals). Playing through tours will add more to your list later- there are a lot of them.
The little girl kappa buys for really bad rates, so its better to save the best stuff and sell back home. I think there's no reason to sell to her, she's mostly for getting rid of stuff.

Check out your HH Homes area when you get it! Some of your visitors may give you a surprise. You can order any regular items from the homes you find! Plus sometimes special houses will show up through Spotpass.

Don't time travel if you have bought turnips- they'll rot! I assume this is to prevent cheating to get better prices. Its better to just poll your friends to see what their town's rates are for the day. There are actually 2 rates a day- before and after noon.
I'd honestly say if you go turnips, its worth cheating and looking up the info to get the best rate of return you can. There are a couple different price patterns that can occur during the week, including decreasing (guaranteed loss) and totally random.

Be patient. The game only lets you progress a little at a time unless you time travel, so just poke around and enjoy yourself. You're not doing anything wrong, some of the upgrade triggers are partly how many days have passed. Get to know your residents, send some letters, grow some fruit, shop, and see what Isabelle wants you do to.

Remember to go in your town on your birthday!


Info Sites:
There are a loooot of sites that detail a lot of the game info.

QR Code Sites:
You get access to the QR code reader if you sweet talk the shy Able sister enough days. Patterns are now shared this way! There are patterns for about everything now. Simple patterns are 1 code, stuff like shirts etc are 4 codes.
Some of these sites are Japanese, since they've had more time to make a ton of great stuff!


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Jun. 14th, 2013 10:08 pm (UTC)
I bought this as well and love it! I only have about 2 friends I play with though :(
Chel Panda
Jun. 17th, 2013 07:14 pm (UTC)
This is very helpful for first timers, like me! I can't wait to start playing tonight :)
Jun. 18th, 2013 12:54 pm (UTC)
That error thing happened again when I was hanging out with Karen and Adrian, and I think I know what caused it then. Just before it happened, Adrian had gotten a phone call and got up and walked away. When he returned, HE OPENED HIS DS. So I think it was the fact of him closing his DS that gave Karen and I an error.

Still need persimmons? My tree matured, and I planted each of those 3 fruits, and they all grew and should be bearing fruit either today or tomorrow. I think I have all the fruit now except apples.
Jun. 20th, 2013 04:33 am (UTC)
Maybe. I think I see it occurring on occasions that I don't think anyone is closing their DS. When I leave my town open but AFK, I don't close my DS. Sometimes it happens right after someone comes to town or attempts to. I think it has to do with the connection losing stability.

I do still need Persimmons! Wow I thought apples were common, but I will make it so! I think I sold most of them recently, should be getting more though.
Jun. 20th, 2013 12:11 pm (UTC)
You'd think apples would be common, right? :P But I guess I just don't know anyone who has them.

I just got lychee, too. I can't remember if you had that one or not.
Jun. 21st, 2013 05:21 pm (UTC)
I have everything besides persimmons. Though I've been replanting my town so depleted my extras for now.
Jun. 19th, 2013 11:50 pm (UTC)
Awesome post! I got it too. If you want you can add me. :)

Name: Wolven
Town: Wolfton
FC: 0903-2748-5859
Jun. 20th, 2013 12:07 am (UTC)
Oh and my Mii name is simply: W.T.
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