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Xmas List

Strays vol 1 + 2 book preorder (Piper bookmark)

TSHIRTS (usually need L for men's shirts, and XL for women's)
Doki Fox

Vulpa Major

*Under a Full Moon

*Puppycat Laser Beam (silver)

Spider Woman Sandwich (charcoal)

Evolutionary Spectrum

*Camera- Newer version of Canon Powershot A720IS
(looking at the SX160IS??)

*Bandanna- Foo or Tenticle

Hair Clips

*Jetpens art supplies

Fox Kigurumi pajamas

Fox Hat

Teafox postcard prints x4


Japanese snacks
Meiji brand Kinoko No Yama (Mushroom) or Meiji brand Takenoko No Sato (bamboo shoot) frosted crackers/cookies
Any flavor, though strawberry in particular
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0018R4T74/ <- This is my favorite mix, but its more expensive

Cute fox stuff

Amazon gift card

**Emerald City gift certificate

Deviled eggs


Animal Crossing- New Leaf- Town Info & FAQ

So yeah, I'm addicted to Animal Crossing <3 Day 1 purchase! I just wanted to make a post I could edit with updates on general info on my town. I don't get to play as much as I'd like so I'm not super far along. I'm also trying to take it easy and just let the game unfold rather than trying to rush.

Short URL: bit.ly/ackitsune

Name: Kitsune
Town: Kyukon (Japanese name for the Pokemon Ninetales)
Dream Address: 5600-2185-8780
Date started: 6/9/13
Time zone: EST

Friend Code: 0903 2966 6262
3DS Mii Name: ImagnryFox

Gate: I open randomly as I have time, more likely at night- I don't generally get around to playing till 9pm or later unless I'm not working that day. I usually post on FB when I do open up. FB is also the best way to contact me if I am AFK in game. https://www.facebook.com/kitsunerei

House Status: Still a mess though starting to think about what I want to do with each room. Still need to expand a lot!

Town Status: still working on refining my town, but its getting better. I'm having trouble deciding where to build stuff.
My flowers are all grouped along the right side by type. I don't have them very organized yet though.

Native Fruit: Apples, Lemons, Bananas
Available Fruit: I have all the fruits. The trees to your right of the train station are for guests- feel free to take some fruit from there if you need it! I tried to grow a mixture there. Also coconuts and bananas are always up for grabs if you see them on the beach. The south parts of the beach are coconuts, and the long west part is bananas.

Stores: Nook's Homes (basic), Nooklings (expanded twice), Garden Store (basic), Able Sisters, Kicks, Museum Shop, Shampoodle
Other Places: Club LOL, Dream Suite

Town Ordinance: Night Owl (stuff open late)

Public Works: Bridge 1, Fountain, Camp Site, Park Clock, Standee, Bridge 2, Windmill (under construction)

You can try to woo anyone but my favorites ;)
Nibbles (green squirrel) LIKE
Pekoe (white bear)
Yuka (grey koala)
Monty (white monkey) (says he's moving out soon)
Phoebe (phoenix) FAVORITE
Derwin (green duck) FAVORITE
Amelia (vulture)
Renee (pink rhino)
Ricky (yellow squirrel)
some brown koala DISLIKE

Departed Residents:
Keaton (blue parrot)
Mac (brown dog)

Visiting Guidelines: My general visit rules are pretty open- just normal etiquette- don't wreck the place, don't dig up my special stumps, don't steal my flowers, etc :) I've usually already browsed the shops so you can buy whatever, particularly in Re-Tail. If you find a fossil or crystal I missed, I'd appreciate if you put it in my plaza or mail it to me. You can keep pitfall seeds.
The area of fruit trees to your right as you exit the train station is for guests!
There is a trash can in my house if you want to use it.

I'm not going to be time traveling unless I miss a major event- I'd just like to play the game how its supposed to unfold. (Although a couple days when I was playing early on I had to set it back a little just so I don't miss stores closing.) I have my clock set about 10min earlier than real time.
Apparently you have to be careful about time traveling if you have turnips, they will vanish if you do.


What am I looking for? What do I need?
If you want to help out, you can donate to my public works project. No obligation though!
I also suck about getting around to watering flowers, so you can do that if you are so inclined.

Seeking: bamboo, cute headwear, shirts/pants that go with the animal hats
Tools wanted: silver watering can
I'm also looking for any fox-related items (are there any?).
I don't know what all there is in the game yet since I don't want to cheat and look it up until I'm farther along. I'm going to just give it more time to see what I get before I start collecting more, plus I need to work on making my house bigger!

Fossil Extras: Apato Skull, Megacero Skull, Tricera Skull, T. rex Skull, Iguanodon Skull x2, Diplo Skull, Spino Skull x2, Patchy Skull x2, Ptera Skull, Styraco Skull, Sabretooth Skull, Tricera Torso, Archelon Torso x2, Icthyo Torso, Iguanodon Torso, Raptor Torso x2, Parasaur Torso, Styraco Torso, Dimetrodon Torso, Diplo Hip, Styraco Tail, Parasaur Tail x2, Ptera Right Wing x2, Archaeoptryx

Fossils Needed: T. rex Torso, Parasaurus Skull, Pachysaurus Skull, Stegosaurus Torso, Stegosaurus Tail, Spinosaurus Torso, Spinosaurus Tail, Dimetrodon Skull, Dimetrodon Tail, Ankylosaurus Skull, Ankylosaurus Torso, Mammoth Skull, Megacerops Tail, Plesiosaur Skull, Plesiosaur Tail

Fortune Cookie Extras: Peach's parasol, Pipe, Hero's shirt, Mushroom Mural, Midna's Mask

Fortune Cookies Wanted: Super Mario Floor, Pikmin (in the planter), Valaria boots

Stationary Wanted: Airmail Paper, Card Paper, Cool Paper, Goldfish Paper, Night-Sky Paper, Ocean Paper, Sparkly Paper, Star Paper, Vine Paper, Imperial Paper (and there are others I still don't have too)


General Tips for New Players:
If you don't want your eyes left up to fate, consult an eye/face guide to answer the opening questions Rover asks correctly. You cannot change your eye style, though you can change hair style/color and eye color later on.

When you first start, you will be given a selection of 4 possible town maps. This IS randomized, so if you don't like any of them, you can restart to get others. I wouldn't sweat getting a perfect town too much, but there is a lot of variety. You will get to build 2 more bridges and other features later so don't worry too much about the river. Just pick something scenic! For convenience you may want Re-Tail easily accessible from your Dock if you plan on doing Island runs for stuff to sell.

Use the D-pad to switch out your tools, using Left and Right. Up will look up, and Down will put your tool away.

You can get up to 9 residents, who move in each day for a little while when you first start. Once you get a camp site, you can potentially get a 10th resident, which is the max.

L+R bumpers is screenshot (top screen only). If you do not have a SD card reader, I believe you can get them to upload to Facebook through the web browser. I havn't done it myself, but my friend did. I got a cheap SD card reader that has a USB connection off Amazon.

If you hold down L or R, the text will go much faster!

Remember to connect to the internet and check for presents at the post office! There is already a rainbow screen up, and it will change halfway through each month.
Also Best Buy is running a promotion for an item if you go in their store and use the Nintendo Zone. This will be switching over time to other items. You go within range of their signal and go to the post office to check for presents. There is also a cheat that involves naming your connection "bestbuy" to not have to actually go there.

The locker in the train station connects to your personal inventory, even when you're in another town! This blew my mind O.O

Never sell stuff to Nook's. Sell at Re-Tail instead. For some reason Nooks takes a cut so you get less. Re-Tail has better hours anyway.

Your actual 3DS friend list is used for Animal Crossing, so you don't have to do anything else to be able to play with your friends!
Mark anyone who you're good friends with as a "best friend" when they visit your town! Then you'll be able to chat anytime when you're both online, and you have the choice of opening your town to all friends or just best friends.

Your native fruit has a chance to make a delicious/perfect fruit (they look a little different). You can replant them for a perfect tree, which will produce several harvests before dying. You cannot grow a non-native perfect fruit tree, and tropical fruit do not make perfect fruit. The perfect fruit sell for more than usual in your own town, or a lot of money in another town. I recommend saving them and selling them elsewhere where they are foreign fruit.

Tropical fruit (the fruit from the island- mangos, lychee, durains, lemons, persimmon, coconuts, bananas) always sell for 250 bells, regardless of if its "native" or not. So the best money is still in foreign basic fruit (oranges, apples, cherries, pears, peaches) which sell for 500. Your native fruit is only worth 100. Bamboo is 750 but not available until later on.
Also, you have to sell your native fruit to a town that considers it foreign- if you go to another town where their native fruit is the same as yours, it won't count as foreign.

Talk to the main Mable to access your pattern storage space! You are not limited to the space in your regular inventory! This also blew my mind! I didn't know about this at first.
Remember to also talk to the shy Sable every day. Give her some time.

The island is brand new and a lot of fun, if you are doing your Mayor stuff you should see Tortimer around day 4 and the next day the Kappa with the boat will be at your dock :) Isabelle will let you know. The beetles from there tend to sell for good money, its the easiest place to find beetles in the evening and they respawn pretty quickly (remember to hold down your net button to creep up on them). You will also find your tropical fruit there. And of course the main thing is doing the minigame tours to get medals and special stuff from the gift shop! They do not accept Bells there.
Talk to the gyroid to get your tools! You can even keep stuff in the minigame tours (except for the goal item), so this is another way to get more stuff! Grab those rare flowers and bugs etc, as well as other fruit types! Remember to put everything you want to take back in the box next to the counter or it will be auto sold (I think for a really crappy rate). This also seems to be the place to buy your diving suit (40 medals)! The Club Tortimer membership will let you play the minigame tours globally (50 medals). Playing through tours will add more to your list later- there are a lot of them.
The little girl kappa buys for really bad rates, so its better to save the best stuff and sell back home. I think there's no reason to sell to her, she's mostly for getting rid of stuff.

Check out your HH Homes area when you get it! Some of your visitors may give you a surprise. You can order any regular items from the homes you find! Plus sometimes special houses will show up through Spotpass.

Don't time travel if you have bought turnips- they'll rot! I assume this is to prevent cheating to get better prices. Its better to just poll your friends to see what their town's rates are for the day. There are actually 2 rates a day- before and after noon.
I'd honestly say if you go turnips, its worth cheating and looking up the info to get the best rate of return you can. There are a couple different price patterns that can occur during the week, including decreasing (guaranteed loss) and totally random.

Be patient. The game only lets you progress a little at a time unless you time travel, so just poke around and enjoy yourself. You're not doing anything wrong, some of the upgrade triggers are partly how many days have passed. Get to know your residents, send some letters, grow some fruit, shop, and see what Isabelle wants you do to.

Remember to go in your town on your birthday!


Info Sites:
There are a loooot of sites that detail a lot of the game info.

QR Code Sites:
You get access to the QR code reader if you sweet talk the shy Able sister enough days. Patterns are now shared this way! There are patterns for about everything now. Simple patterns are 1 code, stuff like shirts etc are 4 codes.
Some of these sites are Japanese, since they've had more time to make a ton of great stuff!

Birthday Wishlist

Pixiv Almanac

Toilet Genie Chapter 1 comic

Miss Monster Art Book

The Meek comic book 1

Strays vol 2 book preorder

*Samurai Pizza Cats (Kyatto Ninden Teyandee) Japanese DVD set

Wonderful World of Puss n Boots

*Fox Kigurumi pajamas

*Fox Hat

*Figure for drawing reference
Good Smile Company- Max Factory- Figma SHE type flesh color (probably hard to find- the normal retail is about $30 but they're out of print so seem to be more like $60+)

Cute fox stuff

Amazon gift card

**Emerald City gift certificate

Deviled eggs

***Yaxin- le faune Gabriel (about a faun)
released Sept 2010
retail 19.95 euros (about 26.12 USD)


(Les Mondes de) Yaxin- le jour de la licorne (about a unicorn)
released March 2013
retail 14.95 euros (about 19.57 USD)

by Man Arenas
Metamorphose Collection
published by Soleil Productions

http://www.bdfugue.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=yaxin (you can't buy from here, but you can see what they look like)
These are really lovely books, but not the easiest to obtain. They're in French, and only seem available as an import from Britain or France. It seems like the listing from places in the US are actually more expensive than the cost in pounds plus the cost to ship from overseas. It'll probably cost more than retail price, but don't overpay. It looks like around $35 each is ball park.
I'd prefer hardcover, I think only the first also has a paperback edition?

ebay had one, bookfinder has some listings.

abebooks.com has some listings too.

They're on amazon.co.uk and amazon.fr but I don't know if you can order from those if you don't live in those countries. The ones listed on amazon.com seem rather overpriced.

Goodbye Kyoko

This isn't very well-written, but I decided to put it down largely to work through and let go of some of it.

So, as some may know, I had to put my cat Kyoko to sleep last Saturday morning. It was really really hard for me. I'd been pretty depressed for a while since she'd been in poor health off and on for a couple months. It was a hard decision to make. Even now, a couple days later, the sadness is very raw.
I had to have her stay at my mom's since I moved from my old apartment to in with my dad, but he is allergic to cats. Kyoko had hyperthyroidism, which we diagnosed and started treating last fall just after I moved, but she wasn't taking well to the Methimazole Transdermal medicine (when we'd get close to a proper dose she'd get sick, ie vomiting and not eating.) Basically the thyroid mutates(?) and releases hormones that tell the body to always be in overdrive, kind of like a very high metabolism. Coming into it, we didn't know it was going to be such a hard thing to treat. We thought you give them meds to get the thyroid under control and then could do radiation treatment to take care of the problem, but it wasn't working well. We tried the Hills thyroid food too without success. We even tried some kind of herbal "Thyroid Gold" drops with no help either.
We battled many times of her being ill to the point of not knowing what to do, but somehow she'd manage to spring back and be ok for another couple weeks or so, but it was never enough to think seriously about the radiation treatment. She never regained close to her normal weight, maybe half at best, and went through being little more than skin and bone several times. I'd visit her every morning before work to give her an extra meal and try to get her to eat a little more (since mom went to work a lot earlier than I did). I'd visit her several evenings too. I could see days when she'd sit off in a corner and not seem to be feeling well, and other days she'd be up and about and sitting on our laps. Hyperthyroidism really takes a toll on the body- her heart rate was always up, her pupils wide, and it accelerates the function of the rest of the body. She would always be hungry and thirsty (when she was feeling well enough to want to eat.) Sometimes she would be agitated or antsy. Eventually she was getting dehydrated despite the water she was drinking, and we started going to the vet to get her subcutaneous fluids every week (basically giving her an IV of fluid under the skin.) Then twice a week and we had to learn how to do it at home. Then every other day. Her kidneys seemed to be getting worse and worse, just pushing out all her fluids. She was battling with diarrhea with what little she ate. She wouldn't eat most foods. She wasn't grooming much, and didn't purr much anymore.
We could have maybe pushed more, gone through more rounds of medications for eating and nausea, force fed her, and pushed more fluids, but it seemed like the battle was near an end. She wasn't going to get better. Maybe she would feel a little better the next week if we tried really hard, but maybe not. At what point is it not fair to keep putting her through this? I already know what I felt had to be done, but I weighed and weighed and didn't want to make the decision out loud. I didn't want to declare my time with her over.
All the maybes run through your mind. Maybe if I'd caught it earlier, it wouldn't have gotten as bad. Maybe if I'd known more at first, if we'd somehow treated it more aggressively, it would have been better. Maybe if I'd known about the radiation treatment earlier and pushed for it more seriously we could have considered it. Maybe if I was living with her, I could have kept up with her better, and she would have been happier. But the reality is how things are.

It got to the point that fluids weren't really lasting more than a day even though we gave her quite a bit- her body would sponge them up and spit them back out. She was licking at food, but not really eating it, though she acted hungry. She was having trouble making it to the litterbox sometimes. She had little to no weight left in her, and was walking around like an old woman, weakly and sometimes unsteadily. I know her body would push on, but I just didn't want to see her suffering anymore. I didn't want to see her get worse. She couldn't tell me how she was feeling, but everything about her behavior said not great. So I told mom to make her an appointment. I figured it was best to choose when was good to spend final time with her than have the choice taken from us later.
I spent Thurs night and all of Friday with her. She laid near me or on my lap most of the day. We fed her her favorite tuna. We just quietly spent the day together. I knew this day would come a while ago, but it didn't make it any easier.
I slept on the couch to be out with her that night. Saturday morning she woke me up sitting on my chest to say she was hungry. I dozed a little longer and she sat next to me. We gave her more tuna and love. We looked at her quietly until it couldn't be delayed any longer, and then drove to the vet- my mom came with me. Kyoko was quiet in the carrier in the car. When we arrived, I didn't notice at first since I was already crying, but we found something was up- they had been robbed the night before of all their controlled drugs, so they were still finishing up taking inventory. A little part of me thought "well maybe we'll just have to go home and do it another day". But the euthanasia stuff was not taken.
Somehow it seemed too easy after that. The vet gave her a sedative to help her relax. She laid there weakly, not really able to move, as we petted her. Then an injection to stop her heart. I stroked her as her chest rose and fell, feeling the gentle beat of her heart through her body. But then I couldn't feel it anymore and her chest gave a last little shudder. I could see that her life was gone. The vet left us alone for a little while. I stroked her a few more times just to get one last memory of the touch of her fur. I cried so much. I didn't feel like staying with the body long- it was empty, it wasn't her anymore, I didn't want to keep looking at her discarded shell. The vet wrapped her up and placed her in a box for us to bury.
I took the box and we brought her home. My mom's boyfriend already dug us a deep hole in the backyard, around where mom's cat Socks was buried a few years ago. We slipped a few of her favorite toys in the box, and then I placed her in and we covered her up, and placed some flowers. I havn't been back there yet though I should soon.
Seeing her die was hard. Its hard not to have that burned into your mind. I think in the long run it'll help though- I know she's gone. I saw her go. I'll less expect to see her trotting up to the door or coming around the corner though I know her ghost memory will linger.
I just wanted to get away after that. I'm kind of a private person, I don't like crying in front of other people. I don't like feeling like a spectacle to murmurs of "it'll be ok". There's nothing anyone can do to change what happened.

I originally got Kyoko from a shelter during my second year of college, when I was first living in an apartment (I lived in a dorm the first year.) She was around a year old or so when I got her, which would have been around 2000. She was such a beautiful calico, and made a quiet "mrrrt?". I had resolved to get a non-kitten for various reasons, and she was perfect. She was always such an amazingly friendly and loving cat, and I had her with me most of the time after, even through several moves (let me tell you FL to NJ via full car with a cat wasn't the most pleasant thing.)
We were always close, she loved to be around whatever was going on, or on my lap. She was there when I'd get home, and just always around to cheer me up. She was this warm furry presence making my life better. So many days of memories.
I really feel like I've lost a best friend. I had looked forward to eventually moving into another place and having her with me again, but now she's gone.

I've been crying so much. I feel relief that she's not going through this anymore, but I miss her so much. I cry every day to think she's not there to visit and hold anymore. I don't care if she's "in a better place" or in "kitty heaven." I'm sad she's not here, but I'm glad she's not in pain anymore. Death is something we will all face eventually. I would have felt worse if she died naturally, because with her problems it wouldn't have been a pleasant way to go. Not everyone is going to go peacefully in their sleep so we must face the choice.

I just have to say, if you notice the signs of hyperthyroidism in your cat, get them checked out right away. Its becoming increasingly common. You'll usually see increased hunger/eating and drinking but weight loss, and likely increased litterbox use, particularly peeing, but symptoms aren't always the same. If untreated your cat will just waste away. The radiation treatment is expensive but generally works, and in the long run is cheaper and easier than the medication since the meds will need to be used for the rest of the cat's life.
Research doesn't seem clear to the cause, though it may have to do with something in canned fish cat foods and fish in general (pollution levels?).
I also found this group to be incredibly helpful (they are friendly and highly active)- http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/feline-hyperT/
There is also a good amount of information around the internet to tell you more about the illness and treatment.


I've been thinking a long time about changing my name. This would be a big change for me, since it would be changing my online identity. I use Kitsune_rei at so many sites. So many people know me by it. But it just keeps nagging at me that it doesn't quite fit me anymore.
I've always preferred to craft an identity online rather than use my real name for various reasons.

I originally picked Kitsune_rei to mean "fox spirit" with a very rudimentary knowledge of Japanese because I was interested in Japanese folktales, and particular ones about foxes. I found later on Rei isn't really the correct word, and has other meanings I didn't know of, as well as other character associations (like Evengelion). I'd already committed and it was close enough though.

I got into folktales and other stories of that nature when I was in middle school, which would be around the early 1990s. I read a lot back then, and would get a stack of books from the library on a regular basis. It was fun to treasure hunt for various books I heard of. I really loved stories from other cultures (I was reading not just Japanese but about all of them- French, Russian, Chinese, Scandinavian, etc), and that has flavored a lot of my fiction for me. I love all the retelling authors continue to do. I loved the Japanese fox in particular because it wasn't just a clever Reynard trickster, but also magical, and often female. They had an extra bit of personality and lore and the shapeshifting was neat. They were also not as confined in their tales- sometimes they did things out of love. But there's just so many interesting stories on foxes in general- its fascinating how broad their presence is.
I first created Kitsune_rei on Yahoo in early 2000 (from what I can tell, they no longer keep track of when your account was made, but I have emails back then), after entering the internet proper outside of AOL but not being able to settle on a name as a true identity before that point. Prior to then I floated around a couple names based on stuff I liked- Ocelot34, Jiji215, O_Totoro8. But I didn't really like having a specific fandom name as an identity, and of course everyone else in that fandom used those names too, and I hated having to use numbers to make my name. While I always loved Ghibli films, my other interests changed focus with time. I didn't want to always use an association with a certain specific anime or character for long term, but I didn't have something else that defined my interests well.
Once I hit on Kitsune_rei, I stuck with it about everywhere because it felt more unique, only sometimes using different derivative Kitsune names if that name was unavailable. Even though sometimes, particularly in more recent years, I find that name to already be taken on a website so I am not the only one using it, I find I am the only person who uses that name consistently. I liked the word Kitsune a lot, in part because my real name also begins with "K". Some of my friends also call me Kit because I had another friend with the same first name.
I was in college at the time I took the name and my interest in anime and Japanese culture was really growing. I only had the seeds of it in high school, having seen a couple shows and read a little bit of manga, it was just starting to emerge as its own thing around then and not that easy to come by. It was kind of funny since Kitsune weren't really known then- people would ask me if I meant the girl in Love Hina, or later if it meant I liked Naruto, as if any of those anime originated Kitsune.

When I finally made my website for real and got my own domain (after years of being on geocities with a very amateur anime fan and art site), I went with Fox Dream because I wanted it to be broader than just myself. I think this was the start of my getting away from purely being a Japanese kitsune. I created fox-dream.com in July of 2002, after having an "Anime and Art Page" under my old o_totoro8 account for a number of years (I think 2-3? It got deleted long ago). Dream was an element important to me, because I dream vividly a lot, and often have ideas in a daydream-y state.
I considered just being Yume Kitsune or the like, and I do use Yume sometimes in naming characters, but I felt like labeling my site separately from myself. I like having a more "professional" persona for my art, and a different one for my self in all its other forms. I am a strange fox, and it was what I dreamed.
Again, I see some artists who base everything around their real name- their website, their professional page, etc. Its just not for me. Perhaps its in part because I think its more fun to have an embellished crafted identity. The real me is stuck in the real world. I have to work and do other mundane things. But my identity can do anything :) Its like more of an ideal. And yeah, I'm a bit shy/reclusive, so I can hide behind it too.

I refuse to move away from being a Kitsune, even thought those have exploded in popularity over the years. I'm usually referred to as "Rei", since there are so many Kit and Kitsunes running around now. I still want to collect books on foxes (particularly kitsune), and keep learning more. I still love my collection of various fox things- hats, plushes, figures etc.
I've never seen myself as a fox per se (so I don't really identify with being a "furry")- its more of an imagined character, and I like drawing animals in various ways because they're fun.

So now I'm looking at switching to Imaginary Fox. I came up with this name a while ago, and had been giving it time to see if it settles correctly in my mind or if I think of something I like better, and I feel very fixed on this one (I even created a couple placeholder accounts in 2010 lol). I feel this suits me better. Its less specific of an entity, but still evokes creativity, stories, creation, artistry, imagination, and a more flexible persona so I am not as tied to one look or source. While I do respect Kitsune and their cleverness and trickery, I am not that clever, and I am not a trickster. I tend to like to be straight and honest with people, since I think there are too many trying to be tricky and deceitful as it is. If you were not a wild evil fox, you were generally with Inari. This is still interesting, but not what I am, and not what I follow.
I know I'll still have trouble obtaining this name on some sites, but its just how things are. I think no matter what I pick, I'll have this trouble. Its important to me to go with something that means a lot to me and not make compromises. I'll probably also use the Japanese version of this as an alternate as soon as I can figure out the proper word to use for "imaginary".
I also feel like now is a good time for a name change going forward. I've had years of not doing enough art or updates, so its time for a fresh start. This is a point in my life where I am re-examining things and looking to make a change.

I can't really cast off and abandon Kitsune_rei into the wild because of the years of using that association, and many people would not know me by my new name, but I'm going to work on transitioning it on the main websites I use now. I also have years of accounts, emails, etc on various sites, though many are dormant now, but I don't think its necessary to change them all. They are just part of my history. I'm borderline on what I should do on some accounts- to see if I can get the name changed, or if I should just start a new account. I'll figure it out.

New accounts:
Imaginary Fox on Gaia

Accounts that aren't changing:
furaffinity.net/kitsunerei (I can't change it and don't want to start a new one right now)
facebook.com/kitsunerei (its taken already)
twitter.com/kitsune_rei (@imaginaryfox and @imaginary_fox are taken on twitter)

There are still some other accounts I need to change if I can. I think most of my shop type accounts will switch to Fox Dream since that is more of my studio name.

I was a fool when gmail first came about and didn't register my names right away, so I've never been able to get any of the names I wanted most. You suck google!

Livejournal wants $15 for a name change so I'm just going to start a new blog, possibly on another site. I'm tired of the russian spam here anyway. I believe the name is available. Blogger is through Google so that's out.

Xmas Wishlist

Stupid Fox Book

Pixiv Almanac

Paper Mario- Sticker Star for 3DS

Our Home's Fox Deity DVD vol 1

Design by Humans Leap shirt by Miss Monster (silver, XL)

We Love Fine Dark Princess t-shirt (charcoal XL) or Rose Window (Navy XL)

Threadless Magnificant Maleficent shirt (XL)

Blue jeans or pants (18-20 size?)
Sweatpants (XL)
Lightweight black hoodie zip-up sweatshirt jacket (XL)

***Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet 16GB or 32GB
Best Buy and HHGreg also carry them in-store.

32GB or 64GB micro SD card for the tablet

Stupid Fox Plush

Toilet Genie Chapter 1 comic

Sugar Bunny Doki Fox Dangle Charm

Sugar Bunny GaMERCaT DS Charm

Tasty Peach baby bat hair clips

Tasty Peach rainbow star hair clips

Foo or Tenticle Bandanna by Miss Monster

Totoro Yell wall scroll

Antler Barrttes by Miss Monster

Haunted Lantern earrings

Dryad Hair Clips

Cute fox stuff
Cute hair barrettes
Amazon gift card
*Emerald City gift certificate
Deviled eggs

B-Day Wishlist

So, its about that time of year again.
A small random list of things!

Last Unicorn deluxe edition HC

Stupid Fox Book

Princess Jellyfish complete series DVD set

Our Home's Fox Deity DVD vol 1

Totoro backpack

Stupid Fox Plush

Diablo III for PC

Skylanders figures: Camo, Warnado, Wham Shell (hard to find)

Toilet Genie Chapter 1 comic

Sugar Bunny Doki Fox Dangle Charm

Tasty Peach baby bat hair clips

Tasty Peach rainbow star hair clips

Pokemon "Pokemon Center" 6in plushes: Leafeon, Umbreon, Glaceon (hard to find)

Game Stop gift card (So I can get some games coming out later on!)
Nintendo 3DS eshop gift card
Amazon gift card
Emerald City gift certificate

For friends, I'd just like an evening to hang out and have some Carvel ice cream cake <3

My tweets

  • Sun, 20:11: My mom is getting me a new pair of Teva sandals <3 I love them, old ones were finally wearing out. http://t.co/MxCMQyKu
  • Sun, 21:55: I havn't watched Zero Punctuation reviews in a long while, so I've been catching up. http://t.co/gx3vgljS
  • Mon, 09:58: Bleh bad dreams. First day of school but forgot my schedule, and kept being hindered from getting it. Not even at the right school!
  • Mon, 09:59: I havn't been to school in years, why do I still have school anxiety dreams? :/
  • Mon, 13:24: We plan on going to Megacon on Sat, Feb 18th if anyone else was going. (Just for fun, I'm not doing a table.) http://t.co/Qo6BCQ6n
  • Mon, 13:27: The kiddo informed us yesterday she has "decided she likes Pokemon" and has been eyeing my games. LOL. (She used to be mostly indifferent.)
  • Mon, 13:29: If I got her one, should I go Black/White? Retro Platinum or Heart/Soul? Or even Rumble Blast/Ranger? She hasn't really played RPGs before.
  • Mon, 13:30: Only thing that sucks is I can't really give her mine, since they only have one save. I'm not quite willing to wipe one ^_^;
  • Mon, 13:32: I have Pearl, SoulSilver, and Rumble Blast, so about any of em we could play together (eep I'd have to pick them up again.)
  • Mon, 17:09: RT @Comixace: More DC trades announced for fall—including AMETHYST PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD at long last http://t.co/QFOPrhuR Via @comicsbeat


Мои твиты

  • Сб, 13:07: Thinking about artist alleys for this year, I may only be doing Megaplex. How weird to do so little.
  • Сб, 13:08: But sales have been down for me everywhere unless I can invent something awesome, which I don't really have time for.
  • Сб, 13:09: I need to get back to what I owe people from last year then start doing some commission auctions. Barely done anything artsy this year :(
  • Сб, 13:10: So today... Laundry, get my car battery checked, and mostly other boring stuff.
  • Сб, 13:13: I've taken a couple years off Metrocon, but I doubt going back will be good. Still hear too many bad sales reports from other artists.
  • Сб, 13:14: Sure if you're like selling hats or cute stuff of what's hot now (like MLP) you'll do great. Otherwise, not so much.
  • Сб, 13:17: I wish there was a con more like AWA near Tampa. Having to break down my table every day is too hard now. I'd have to really par down.
  • Сб, 13:18: So... The weather got all cold again. What's up with that? I was wearing sandals the other day.
  • Сб, 13:20: If I have to deal with cold weather in FL, I demand it get cold enough to snow for 1 day.
  • Сб, 13:20: RT @OtakuAnthony: If you have not read Anime Herald's article about the Funimation vs. ADV lawsuit please do http://t.co/q1lszkRH
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Мои твиты

  • Пт, 14:53: So now I'm getting calls on my cell because I "expressed interest in working from home". Ugh how'd I get on the solicitor mailing list??
  • Пт, 16:03: Today is full of stuff I really don't want to do :/ I need to pick up to vacuum, but there's no place to put anything!
  • Пт, 17:26: Cat + water= not fun.
  • Пт, 21:37: So, I think I broke my mom's washing machine. It all of a sudden started making horrible loud noises. Not good ^_^;;;;