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Мои твиты

  • Сб, 13:07: Thinking about artist alleys for this year, I may only be doing Megaplex. How weird to do so little.
  • Сб, 13:08: But sales have been down for me everywhere unless I can invent something awesome, which I don't really have time for.
  • Сб, 13:09: I need to get back to what I owe people from last year then start doing some commission auctions. Barely done anything artsy this year :(
  • Сб, 13:10: So today... Laundry, get my car battery checked, and mostly other boring stuff.
  • Сб, 13:13: I've taken a couple years off Metrocon, but I doubt going back will be good. Still hear too many bad sales reports from other artists.
  • Сб, 13:14: Sure if you're like selling hats or cute stuff of what's hot now (like MLP) you'll do great. Otherwise, not so much.
  • Сб, 13:17: I wish there was a con more like AWA near Tampa. Having to break down my table every day is too hard now. I'd have to really par down.
  • Сб, 13:18: So... The weather got all cold again. What's up with that? I was wearing sandals the other day.
  • Сб, 13:20: If I have to deal with cold weather in FL, I demand it get cold enough to snow for 1 day.
  • Сб, 13:20: RT @OtakuAnthony: If you have not read Anime Herald's article about the Funimation vs. ADV lawsuit please do http://t.co/q1lszkRH
  • Сб, 15:06: So, the lady who went in the laundry room right before me apparently has like 6 loads, and the rest of the washers are full. Time to wait.
  • Сб, 15:08: Saw the neighbor's black cat laying in the middle of the grass, thought something wrong but it "mrrt"ed at me "yeah, I like sleeping here."
  • Сб, 15:36: Aww, the last of the squishy delicious potato rolls has mold. Sadness!
  • Сб, 16:16: All 8 washers continue to be full even though they were done a while ago, because nobody came back to move them to the dryer :/
  • Сб, 16:18: How many hours will it take to start laundry? Guess I should have sucked it up and spent the 6 hours at my moms to do em 1 at a time.
  • Сб, 16:19: Also, all dryers but one are open. I'm sure it won't be that way once I ever get the wash done.
  • Сб, 17:29: There is a fuzzy rock on the lawn. I hope it finds a warmer place to sleep by dark. http://t.co/Tx26WBDL
  • Сб, 18:11: Finally got a load in! Part of me wants to do something mean to the person who let their 3 loads sit done but untended this whole time.
  • Сб, 18:41: I will never, ever live at an apartment without a washer/dryer again. Mofucker.
  • Сб, 19:03: I have a kitty on my lap all laid out limply, twitching as she dreams :3