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Kitsune, the Curious Fox Spirit

Kitsune: fox, commonly found in Japanese tales
Rei: spirit, supernatural being, soul, ghost
Fox Spirit: A sort of magical fox, with shapeshifting and other abilities. Usually tricky, but adherant to its own strict code of honor.

A (sorta) Short Bio: I'm just a girl who doesn't quite want to grow up. I'll never stop watching cartoons and reading comics!! Bwahaha dorks will rule the world.
I love to draw (whatever comes to mind, from realistic life drawing to anime-style and random creatures or furries) and just make crazy things foremost. I also enjoy reading (I have quite a large fantasy, sci-fi, and folklore library, I also enjoy autobiographies sometimes and am always interested in kitsune!).
I watch a good bit of anime (Japanese animation) as well as read manga and comics, although I don't watch as much as I used to I still read plenty ^_^. My favorite genres are cute shoujo, comedy, depressing drama, horror (ooh vampys!) and mess with your head weirdness, but I'll watch most anything once that has a bit of plot or interesting characters other than violence and chicks with big boobs. Japanese culture also fascinates me.

Education: Spent four years in college and graduated Summer of 2002 with a bachelor's degree. My major was Studio Art and minor was Women's Studies. I was also one class away each from Psychology and Art History minors. What I'll do with that I have no idea so far, it certainly hasn't gotten me a decent job but hey it was interesting...

Job-type Thing aka How I Support Myself: I got laid off and am job hunting, so currently my only real income is through my arts and crafts ^_^;

Dream Jobs:
I've been thinking I'd really like to work in a library... also vaguely want to do massage therapy. Hell I'd really like to work at Cartoon Network but I doubt that would happen, and some of their more recent programming has disappointed me. I'd like to be a full time artist and crafter one day as well. I also still have my random little kid dreams of archaeology and marine studies (since I like to swim a lot.)
Past jobs include AMC theaters, Spencers, a couple horrible jobs, a couple comic store jobs, Michaels, and Wachovia.

Latest News: Not much, check my journal since I don't update my profile enough.

Go check out my webpage if you want to learn more, I put a good deal of time into it and I have a more extensive "about me" page up on it. Plus I love to make icons and I have literally hundreds up on there, so its worth your while ~_^.

Disclaimer-type Thingie: My journal runs rampent with personal thoughts and opinions, on a random basis. If you're offended by that stuff... um yeah just run away screaming. Wait why would you be on livejournal in the first place? Anyway, there may be vaguely adult or offensive stuff, I'm not a kid even if I act like it sometimes. At times my journal can also be kind of graphic-heavy, so sorry if your connection sucks. I try not to do too much, and lj-cut or link anything too big or over a couple, but just letting you know.

Current Icon Theme: Mostly some random anime icons I made.

Most Recent Artworks: Deviantart

Current Auctions: Etsy
Artwork on Furbid (not that I put up stuff very often)

Some Stuff I Want: My Wish List on Amazon

Oh, if I add you to my friends list and you don't know me, don't be disturbed- I just randomly add people I find in others' journals or other places who I find interesting. Likewise don't be offended if I remove you- I put people on for a while to get to know them but if I feel we don't have much in common I'll probably remove you.
Feel free to add me as a friend if you wish without asking (tho you're welcome to say hi too), I'll notice eventually and check you out ^_^. Just cause you add me doesn't mean I'll always add you tho.

Communities I created: (sorry they're kind of dead)
comicart About the artistic side of good comics, with reviews, chat, and reccommendations.
ecchi_fems For female hentai, yaoi, yuri, and yiff artists and their fans.

Friends I know or have known in person:
My ex: sleeping_genius

Other non-livejournal blogs of friends and other interesting beings:
Bloody Hell (GlassShard)

My Gaia character:

Innit she cute? And dey be free too! You know you want to join...

Yes I am an ubergeek internet addict. You just noticed?

Many thanks to jadedfox for getting me a spiffy paid account. Yes I really will still draw you a picture, I'm just not quite sure when right now...
Actually I need to renew my account again, I've gone back to freebie ^_^; Man do I suck.

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The Japanese kanji for "kitsune". I actually made this myself ^_^.

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